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The production company of performer and composer
James Hegarty
- Now in our 15th year.

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Elevator is an experimental work for computers, synthesizers, piano (played conventionally and plucked/prepared), and live projected video. The work is presented in 4.1 surround.

Elevator incorporates the sounds and images of a vintage 1960's elevator. It is the second in a series of live multmedia works we have presented that are based on the ambient sounds and images of an urban landscape. In Elevator, the sounds of the piano, both natural and processed are incorporated to echo the textures and timbres of the elevator sounds. Virtual analog synthesizer sounds provide a contrasting element and purity of tone. Small clips of elevator sounds are used to create rhythmic elements.

Elevator is also a one-hour DVD of surround audio with still images. The DVD project began with granular processing experiments of elevator sounds that I recorded. Other sounds, including sampled choral voices, shortwave radio, and piano sounds eventually found their way into the mix. The production consists of many layers of improvised computer music passages that were edited and combined in the tradition of a remix.

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