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The production company of performer and composer
James Hegarty
- Now in our 15th year.

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IDM, Acid Jazz, and Experimental Electronica meet in this release from James Hegarty. The CD features vocal samples from soprano Kathryn Stieler and an assortment of synths. said "The music is structured but subtle, strongly tonal yet all a little strange. Samples of a female soprano appear regularly across the album's eight tracks but on "Midnight Passage, for example, Hegarty deploys the said samples in a stuttering, rhythmic way. Leaving Venice is a quiet, unassuming gem from an American artist with much to say. Unreservedly recommended for anyone who appreciates "intelligent" electronica without the wince-inducing "digital glitch" trappings favoured by many experimentalists across the Atlantic. Rating: 4/5."

1 Midnight passage (3.32)
2 Remote control (5.42)
3 Blues for 03 GMT (5.11)
4 Shadow of Istanbul (6.34)
5 Code (5.26)
6 Waiting to rewind (6.22)
7 Echos and silence (4.41)
8 Sunrise over somewhere (6.43)

I used a Nord Micro Modular, Korg Z1, MPC 2000XL, Yamaha AN200, and Reaktor, Reason, and Kontakt software. The album was recorded in Pro Tools on an HD2 system at 96k. Mixes were done in Pro Tools HD and Digital Performer. Most of the recording took place in Dec 03 and Jan 04. The project was mixed in Nov/Dec 04.

To download, right click and choose Save Target As. On a Mac, Option-click the link.

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