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The production company of performer and composer
James Hegarty
- Now in our 15th year.

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Mysterious, organic, and flowing - From My Window is a set of music videos in an ambient/experimental electro-acoustic style. Formatted specifically for the Apple video iPod, the downloads can also be viewed on a computer with Quicktime 7.

The soundtracks were made using the Kyma Capybara system and Csound.

COdeOsC (5:11 - 17 mb)

Nightscape (5:27 - 18 mb)

Yellow Blur (5:30 - 18 mb)

Willow branches on the dry grass (5:42 - 18 mb)

To download, right click and choose "Save Target As". On a Mac, Option-click the link. In iTunes, go to the File menu and select "Add file to library". Then choose the video file. Once it is added to your library, drag the file to the iPod icon on the Source List on the left or Sync your iPod. These videos will appear in "Music Videos".

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