Numbers Only

Numbers Only

Experimental free improv piano with realtime electronics.  Download here:

The music presented here is a dialog between acoustic piano and processed electroacoustic sounds.  The gestures were performed simultaneously in realtime with the trajectory progressing from initial intuitively devised melodic phrases.  There is an underlying intent of contrast, simultaneity, and parallelism in the compositions but the over-all structure is evolutionary from the moment of beginning.  This is music of the moment and the order and development result from a constant perception of the relevance of “now” to the past and the possible future.  The music expresses relationships between voices and across compositional time.

The audio recording in No. 6, as well as the numbers in the titles, reference shortwave Spanish language number station broadcasts that I recorded in 2005. Max/MSP was used to process pre-rendered audio files with realtime interaction using a Behringer pedal board.  Recorded June 6, 2016

1. 13551 (4:47)

2. 49419 (5:40)

3. 21354 (5:09)

4. 58853 (6:37).

5. 58568 (5:41)

6. 83394 (6:16)

7. 45658 (5:02)

8. 23468 (6:48)

9. 02239 (7:34)